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Customer Success Unplugged – Dublin

3 October, 2018

Limited to just 80 attendees, this day-long event will be highly interactive (as always). We will have local and European speakers, all of whom are experts and experienced practitioners in Customer Success. GET TICKETS HERE

We are working on an amazing Agenda that will cover all the stages of the Customer Journey as well as specific challenges in Customer Success (e.g. Change Management, Developing and Hiring CSMs, etc.)

The agenda will be published soon but we expect to have the following topics covered:-

Sales – The involvement of CS and the Handover

On-Boarding – Emerging best Practice

Adoption and Nurturing – Collaborating with your Customers to encourage adoption

Building Health Indexes – Mixing the Qualitative with the Quantitative (Remember the Watermelons from our London event?)

Customer Success Reviews – (QBR’s EBR’s, etc.) – Its not checking in! It is about understanding derived value, listening to what’s changing in your customers’ environment (internal and/or external) and continue to deliver successful outcomes.

Recovering Customers – It happens! We get the call to say they won’t be renewing. How far should you go to rescue a customer? If you know they are a bad bit, should you let them go?

The famous Customer Success Framework Factory

Interactive Workshop for all attendees facilitated by senior CS Leaders. Topics relating to Customer Success will be debated and experiences exchanged. Each group will present their findings to the audience for further discussion. Topics will be selected by the attendees in advance of the day. Examples of possible topics are:-

  • Staffing for success (finding the right fit – language, technology, etc.)
  • Capturing and presenting the data to demonstrate value to the outside world; to the CEO
  • Value for the customer; successful engagement tactics for demonstrating value level agreements to customers
  • Hiring, development and compensation for CSMs
  • Discovering Customer Goals during EBRs

Speakers? Thoughts? Please get in touch with Peter at

Here is what previous attendees are said:-

Customer Success Europe was an excellent conference. Great speakers, great networking, and great peer learning. I highly recommend this conference!” Jason Whitehead, CEO Tri Tuns.

“Extraordinarily valuable sessions and great networking opportunity. The interactive sessions and hands-on workshop provided me with a lot of inspiration for our future strategic ‘success roadmap’!” Steven Lewandowski, Director Customer Success, Signavio

“I think having access to a focused network, sharing learning with peers, getting a view into common challenges, just that sense of not feeling alone, is truly powerful.” Andrew Burden, Substribe

The event in Dublin was really worthwhile. The speakers were excellent and mixed with the more collaborative sessions the day gave a lot of opportunity for thought and ideas. I would definitely recommend the day for Customer Success leaders.” Paul Lucherini, Head Customer Success, Communicator

A great opportunity to meet with Customer Success peers and management to discuss CS challenges and working out solutions.” Patrick Clifford, Customer Success Manager, Citrix

Valuable forum for European CS leaders to connect, discuss and reflect on CS challenges – especially those unique to region”.Andrew McNeile, VP Customer Success, Popullo

This Event has become a fantastic learning forum for CS Managers at any level and must now be considered the go to Customer Success Event for anyone looking to either improve or implement a Customer Success process within their organisation.” Billy O’Brien, Director Customer Success, Effective Software.