Mentoring - Frequently Asked Questions

Mentoring is a big part of developing your career, both in the mentee and mentor role. We are teaming up with Mentorloop to open up mentoring to all of our members.

Where do I start?
Not sure how to navigate Mentorloop? Here is a quick guide to help you start!
What if I don't want to work with the person I was matched with?

You are the one choosing to join this mentoring program, so you also have the choice to decline a request that you think is not the right fit for you. Here are some good practices around My Match in Mentorloop.

Can I postpone my Mentoring Partnership?
It is absolutely fine for you to pause an existing relationship or have a break when it comes to thinking about your next 10 career steps.
Follow these simple guidelines to keep on track and leverage this mentoring program at best!
Why are you working with Mentorloop?

We have been asked by the Community members to think about a mentoring program for some time now.
We also strongly believe mentoring is a perfect opportunity for people to learn and grow, and we wanted to provide our members with a great experience – Mentorloop looked like the perfect fit, in terms of company values and product capabilities.

Where can I learn more about mentoring?
Mentorloop has a great library of content around mentoring for both mentees and mentors – best practices, success stories, checklists to successfully manage a mentoring relationship etc
Have a look around to get the most out of the program!
How can I learn to get more out of my partnership?
The mentoring program is a great opportunity for you to find the right partner to develop your skills, expertise or any other goal you might want to reach in the near or more distant future.
To help you find the magic of mentoring, have a look at those resources

Am I ready for Mentoring?

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