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Global Customer Success Mentoring

Mentoring is a big part of developing your career, both in the mentee and mentor role. We are teaming up with Mentorloop to open up mentoring to all of our members.

What You Need To Know

  • You need to be a member of Customer Success Network – you will be automatically joined up when you sign up to mentoring
  • FREE for Mentors and 50% off Mentee registration if you also sign up as a Mentor
  • The majority of Partnerships are likely to be virtual, by the nature of our community
  • Matching will take place as people sign up. You will receive an email with sign up instructions
  • Allow at least 6 months to develop your Mentoring Partnership, although many relationships last for years
  • We encourage you to seek the support of your company to participate, to ensure they support your time commitment to the partnership
  • Mentees must lead the regular scheduling and run the agenda of the meeting
  • Our Mentoring Program is executed exclusively through Mentorloop
  • You can only register yourself

How it Works

  1. Sign up to the Mentoring Program on Eventbrite
  2. You will receive an email with a link to sign up to Mentorloop
  3. Complete your Mentorloop profile
  4. Be matched with your Partner
  5. Mentees schedule first meeting

Am I ready for Mentoring?

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“Being able to get unbiased, external mentorship and feedback has been invaluable to me and I couldn’t recommend the programme more highly. I have been connected with a mentor who I trust and value the opinion and guidance of, and look forward to our meet-ups (about every 6 weeks). I use the time to focus on my own personal development, seek advice on challenges I’m facing, and bounce around new ideas. I come away from our meet-ups feeling motivated, with well-thought-through ideas that I can take back to my team and business, or an area of focus that I’ll work on personally. The CSN mentorship programme is a fantastic initiative for passionate Success professionals who want to expand their knowledge and push their thinking.”

Carly, Mentee

“Working with my mentor as part of the CSN Mentorship programme has been fantastic! My mentor has give me a fresh perspective on matters such as my plans for career progression, my current efforts and aspirations, and my strategy to network and build contacts across the industry. Taking a step back from the day-to-day work we do as CSMs and thinking about the higher level aspirations of a professional in the field is a luxury we don’t often allow ourselves and I hope more people get to contribute from this in the future”

Morika, Mentee

“I have been a mentor now for a couple of months and me and the mentee are just at the start of our journey. Our first meeting was critical – I took time to understand what her focus & initial needs were, and we agreed a meeting cadence and governance. We have regular and structured face to face meets but we supplement this with WhatsApp conversations just informally checking in and ensuring progress and momentum is being made on our mutually agreed goals. My advice for mentees – take control and own it, and you will maximise the value from the program. My advice for mentors – vary your interaction with your mentees, structured meets are important but do not underestimate the informal text or WhatsApp messages.”

Matt, Mentor