Finding The Right Role In Customer Success: Part 1

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Advice, Job Search |

Hello there CSMs, we spend over a third of lives at work so I think its important that you find the job of your dreams right?  I am going to be writing a blog covering the top five aspects of how to be successful at; identifying, interviewing, landing, performing and progressing in your chosen role in Customer Success.

Customer Success is a rapidly growing area.  Just look at LinkedIn and Glassdoor and you will see a wide range of roles advertised at the moment and way more roles than say 5 years ago.   So how so you chose the right one?  Notice how one CSM role at one company is totally different from another? I’ve put together three tips to help you narrow down Customer Success roles most suitable for you:

  1. There are a spectrum of customer success roles. Some roles will have a highly commercial focus with sales, retention and upsell targets. Others will be more customer service and relationship based. These will be looking for CSMs to establish themselves as a “Trusted Advisor” with a focus on enablement, training and delivering customer value.  Some of the roles combine all aspects of the spectrum.  Figure out what kind of person you are and what motivates you across these roles.    
  2. Often the job description does not tell the whole story.  Don’t be afraid to contact the hiring managers or current customer success managers at your target company via LinkedIn or the Customer Success Network to find out more prior to applying for the roles.  Who better to give you an inside view of the company than the existing CSMs? They will be able to help you decide if the company is for you.
  3. Explore other important aspects such as “What is the company culture?” What kind of person thrives in this company”? “How is Customer Success viewed in the company?”. Other things that may be important to you is the representation of a diverse leadership team or particular working conditions. Get a sense as to whether the this company not only values customer success, but their values align with yours.

Now that you are armed full of inside information you are in better place to move forward with your application and will be able to have more informed and impressive conversations with the hiring manager!.   

Also remember that some companies have a referral program where existing employees receive an incentive for recommending successful hires, so you will be helping a fellow CSM out in return by asking them to refer you!

Good luck and look out for Part 2 where I will be giving you great tips on interviewing.

About me: I have  been a career coach for over 14 years with a passion for inspiring and motivating others and in my day job I have over 8 years experience leading and growing international customer success teams.  I am married to my partner James, we live in London and have a Beagle called Bob!


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