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by | Feb 26, 2021 | Community, YouTube

The Customer Success Network launch a new Youtube Channel!! 

The CSN Youtube Channel is dedicated to CS related topics for every professionals globally. We have gathered in this Channel all the recordings of our online events since 2018, in other words: EXTREMELY VALUABLE CS CONTENT!

Let’s explore this new Channel

Our Youtube Channel is structured per event. As you know, the CSN is determined to offer you a wide range of events and every event complements one another. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder ūüėČ

  • CSN Webcasts: 1h webinar-type deep dive into a CS specific topic with easy to use solutions and frameworks
  • CSN Breakfasts: 45min panel discussion between 2/3 CS experts and live Q&A
  • CSN Leaders’ Labs: 30min fireside chat between 2 industry leaders
  • CSN Two-minute interview: 2min tips on how to tackle a specific CS concept

We have also included recorded sessions of the Customer Conference (March 2020), in partnership with Congress Geeks, as well as the latest hot topics, the CSN has been invited to take part in…!

Every two weeks, we will upload new videos: so make sure you subscribe NOW.

The CSN Team

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