The CSN Mentoring Program: what is it really about?

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Let me know if you need anything,” that’s what “mentoring” is often reduced to in organizations. One statement.

Unfortunately, even if this offer is genuine, the opportunity is rarely used. It’s just not encouraging enough. People often don’t want to “bother” others with questions, especially in a fast-paced environment where everyone is busy, or we don’t know how to ask. Additionally, it’s really difficult to admit that we need help, that we’re not good at something.

As a result, people who need this support the most, often don’t receive it and continue to struggle alone.

Our mission in the CSN Mentoring Program is to change the perception of mentoring because we know that it can be a powerful catalyst for positive changes in employees’ thinking, approach, and growth.

Mentoring is not a heavy, consuming task…

…It’s is not a burden and doesn’t require a lot of time. Even a short session on a regular basis can have a big impact, help to “unstuck the stuck”.

…We build a powerful mentoring experience by doing simple, natural things – encouraging to a chat and being curious about progress of our mentees, checking in and showing that we’re focused on them during our sessions.

…Mentoring means partnership – by agreeing in advance on simple rules and responsibilities on both sides you ensure that the meetings are constructive and a good use of your time.

…You don’t need to be a manager to mentor – don’t underestimate your potential – you have precious skills and knowledge in specific areas that may be useful to others.

…You are already good enough to mentor – as a mentor you define and operate in your area of expertise!

…Sometimes sharing your own story, your struggle and the way you managed to overcome it can be more powerful than anything else.

…By mentoring you practice your leadership and relationship building skills – being there for others, leading them through their development in a specific area, challenge them to think and come up with ideas.

…You don’t need to give advice – you can help others broaden their horizons and discover new opportunities even by simply sharing your experience and being there as their sounding board.

…and it’s a wonderful feeling to know that you contribute to someone else’s growth!

If you’re thinking about encouraging mentoring within your organization or becoming a mentor yourself but are not sure how to approach it, let’s connect and we will be happy to answer your questions and help you start!

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Author: Barbara Januszewska

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